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The latest round drain for catering & industry

Introducing our new round drains, a perfect addition to our popular range of square stainless steel drains. These drains combine functionality, ease of use and hygiene in a remarkable way.

With a top of ø 200 mm and a height-adjustable design, these drains are ideal for renovations of professional (large) kitchens. They are also very suitable for cast floors and other environments where hygiene has the highest priority.

One of the most useful features is the removable odor trap with dirt trap. This ensures that any unpleasant odors are contained and prevents blockages due to dirt accumulation. In addition, this floor drain offers the ability to drain water both horizontally and vertically, making it a versatile product that can be used anywhere.

We have four different versions available, all available directly from stock:

– Art. no. 6410: The standard grille has 19 perforation holes with a diameter of ø 18 mm and can carry a load of up to 600 kg.

– Art. no. 6411 : The solid grille is no less than 12 mm thick and has the same 19 holes of ø 18 mm diameter, but can support a weight of up to 3000 kg.

– Art. no. 6412 : The 12 mm thick mesh grid has 52 holes measuring 15 x 15 mm and can bear a load of up to 600 kg.

– Art. No. 6413 : This airtight lid is also 12 mm thick and can support a weight of up to 3000 kg.

Whether you need a standard grate or a more robust grate for heavier loads, we have a suitable solution for every situation. Our drains are not only functional, but also look stylish thanks to the high-quality stainless steel material.

Choose quality, ease of use and hygiene with our new round drains.

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