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New shower drains and channels with PVD coating

Our extensive range has now been enriched with a number of contemporary and stylish products. This concerns a special selection of stainless steel shower drains and shower drains that form a luxurious Unity and collective in combination with other exclusive elements in the bathroom.

By professionally providing these products with a PVD coating, beautiful and exclusive creations are created. Materials coated using the PVD techniques are made to last forever. The corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance make it impossible to wear out or fade when the base material under the coating is properly maintained.

PVD coating is a process in which, unlike galvanic processes, for example, no environmentally harmful or toxic substances are used. The extremely thin layers are naturally extremely metallic and lively in appearance, which makes them clearly distinguishable from powder coating and wet painting. In addition to the technical advantages that can be achieved, such as an increase in corrosion resistance due to the hard layer, the visual aspect is important.

Brushed Gun Metal

The brushed Gun Metal gray shade has a sturdy appearance and gives the interior an industrial look. In combination with other bathroom accessories in the same brushed GunMetal color, a bathroom with a cool character and a refined design is created.

Brushed Rose Gold

Today, the colors rose gold or copper gold are indispensable in the world of home accessories and jewelry. The allure of gold in combination with the subtle copper tone provides a refined look and the brushed finish gives it an extra luxurious feeling. By combining the color brushed rose gold with pastel shades, a slightly feminine or vintage atmosphere is created.

Brushed Brass

Brass is a trendy material that is gaining popularity in interior design. Brass accents give your bathroom a chic look. For example, the brass color can be beautifully combined with marble tiles or a wooden washbasin. This beautiful color with a 'touch of gold' also fits perfectly with a concrete look, black or natural stone.

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